Worth a Look: Pornhub’s Classic Nudes

“Because porn may not be considered art, but some art can definitely be considered porn.”

I stumbled upon an article on quillette.com (didn’t read it past the link), pointing me to /!\ Porn Site NSFW* /!\ PornHub’s Classic Nudes: https://www.pornhub.com/art/classic-nudes

And yeah, a porn site doing a guide for museums … in the immortal words of ShoeOnHead: “Waow, two of a thing I like … together.” (well, not of a thing, but you get the idea).

Looking at the website … it does look nicely done. The … text/audio-commentary is a bit different than your regular guide, but interestingly done.

Via https://www.pornhub.com/art/classic-nudes/paintings/the-oreads

And yeah, while it’s probably a way to get attention (if you watch a video guide, you definitely get other video suggestions than on YouTube) or to distract from other issues, it does have potential. An unashamed look at some artworks, highlighting the eroticism … hell yeah. I mean, yeah, there is something to be said for the usual rather stuffy 😉 perspective on artworks (sigh, when Doctor Who was actually good; and well, he’s a bit over the top), but, yeah, if done right, this site might also be an interesting perspective in its own right.

Worth a look (given that it’s on the pornhub.com domain, probably better outside of work, and likely better soon, before they get sued to oblivion).


* Well, that depends on what you do for work, I guess. 😉