A Case for Loose-Leaf Tea

«Afraid this tea’s pathetic. Must have used these wretched leaves about twenty times. [beat] It’s not that I mind so much. Tea without milk is so uncivilized.»
Flight Lt. Colin Blythe in “The Great Escape” via cinema-fanatic.com (or the scene on YouTube)

Given that coffee at work would result in me becoming a zombie (“Too much coffee, man!”), I switched to tea a while ago. I did order a couple of boxes with different teas and went through them. And it was fun (still is, got a lot left).

But throwing away a tea-bag after each cup of tea, and drinking more than a handful each day … seemed wasteful.

So recently I tried to use loose-leaf tea. And it works really well. Better than the bags, in fact.

Can’t really recommend that model, the handle makes it difficult to carry if it is full of (hot!) water, and the metal ring on the pot comes loose too easily. But it works … well enough (pouring is a delight, though).

Well, if I set the timer on my watch for 3 minutes (default), because otherwise I will forget out the tea and it will turn bitter. And it happens a lot that I feel the vibration on my wrist and wonder what the alarm is about, only to remember a second later to take the loose-leaf tea out of the teapot. Best thing, I can use the same leaves for at least three times (making about 600 ml or so each). Enough to get through the day.

So yeah, not something for the last cup of tea before going to bed, but something that might be an option.