Where are the Covid-19 jokes?

«I never thought that time travel could be possible in my life time.»
Lewis Robinson in «Meet the Robinsons»

Covid-19 is a lot of things for a lot of people. Perhaps «overrated» fits it best, but, yeah, it also shows the stark distinction between those who value freedom and those who value security. And guess what, the later are the (vast) majority. A crisis gives them meaning (the poor bastards).

And I really wonder about the lack of Covid-19 jokes.

Humor is something that creates distance. That makes people look at (sometimes … emotionally involving) issues in a new light. Someone (I hate that I forgot who) said that there are no Covid jokes, because 99.99% of the audience wouldn’t get it. And yeah. Nicely played.

But there are nice jokes. Like this one:

or this one (not a fan of those episodes in between):

And yeah, I understand that there are lives affected by Covid-19. But people were dying from lots and lots of things. Before and during Covid-19. My father died about a year and one and a half months ago from a stroke. That sucked and still does. I still remember seeing him die after (roughly) 16 hours. Watching him die inch-by-inch.

We fucking need humor.

So get that Covid-19 bitch by the throat.

We fucking need it.