Apple is not your friend

Apple: Typically, a device used to seduce men – usually equipped with display screens and/or worms.

In a way, Apple is better than Google/Android. At least, they have other revenue streams. But don’t mistake Apple for what it is — a company who wants both your money and your data.

I’ve used Apple since my college days, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I really like that I can concentrate on my work, and not on what a retarded Windows operating system considers as important for me.

But I am not confused by what Apple is — a company that also wants to make money of my data, and even try to influence me by their values.

For example, Apple really wants users to have Wifi enabled at all times. There’s a reason why you cannot use the iOS control center to deactivate Wifi, but only shut it off for a while. And while their Air Tags sound like a great idea, they will get a lot of geospatial data from their users.

Without wanting to slander Apple, but I would not be surprised if their iCloud sync would work better if people act more freely with their data. A little increased likelihood of errors might be enough to change a lot of user behavior.

Just a thought.