Using an Alarm Chair … errr Table … for quicker morning routines

How men wake up in the morning:
Brain: «oh fuck!!»
Body: «don’t get up!!»

After changing my wake-up time to 5 am a few months back, I looked for ways to shorten the time I need in the morning. If I get up this early, I want to use the time as best as I can.

One aspect for which the amount of time can be shortened is getting dressed. Just reduce the cognitive or behavioral overhead.

One of the best decisions I’ve made regarding clothes was to streamline the kind of clothes I wear. I can combine every piece of clothing with everything else, because it’s all either light grey (a few printed T-Shirts) or black (pretty much everything else). There are a few other exceptions, but nothing I wear during normal (work) days.

So deciding what I want to wear is pretty quick and easy. But there’s still something that makes the mornings a bit faster and with less thinking (about clothes, that is): an alarm chair.

Frankly, I don’t know how it is called in English, but during my time doing the mandatory military service ages ago, it was called an Alarmstuhl (literally translated: alarm chair). So that’s what I’ll call it here. The idea is to use a chair and put the clothes you need to dress on it, in a way you can dress quickly, even in the dark.

Given that I need my chair for something else, I’ve changed it to an Alarm Table, but the concept is the same:

BTW, the trousers are hanging from a hook at the door next to it.

I’ve been doing this alarm table for a month now, and it works out very well.