Online Hackathon Care Package

Every survival kit should include a sense of humor.

Due to the Covid19 restrictions in Germany — and the (lack of) actions to (against) them — our Open Data Hackathon could only be done online this year. Yeah — that sucked. The hackathon last year work very well because the students did work at the same location. They had whiteboards and the necessary infrastructure to really focus on their work. This year, they were at home (I guess) and had to collaborate online.


Well, to create at least some sense of presence, some sense of working together, we did send a care package to each of them.

Contents of the planned care package. And yeah, there’s a calculation error with the Pocket Coffee. 😉

While the final care package did deviate a bit from the picture, the main categories of products did remain the same:

  • energy drink
  • nuts (high kcal content)
  • ramen
  • apple
  • tea
  • coffee
  • pocket coffee
  • snickers
  • dextro energy

and not shown

  • two sheets of Magic Chart
  • black whiteboard marker

Overall the package was well-received. This package and doing a meal break together (in the evening) and having a nightcap (at midnight) was really useful to create at least some feeling of working together.

Here’s hoping to another Hackathon that is not done online next year — (new) pandemic or not.