Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech

“We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed,” […] “Every child, of every color — born and unborn — is made in the holy image of God. We want free and open debate, not speech codes and cancel culture. We embrace tolerance, not prejudice.” […] “We must demand that our children are taught once again to see America as did Reverend Martin Luther King when he said that the founders had signed ‘a promissory note’ to every future generation. Dr. King saw that the mission of justice required us to fully embrace our founding ideals.”
President Donald Trump at Mount Rushmore, via Quin Hillyer

Look, the media does put a spin on anything, left, right, it doesn’t matter. But with the Internet, you can have a look at the actual speech. The actual words. And yeah, words are not actions. And even recordings of speeches can be manipulated (if you did watch the NBC News recording — did you see the Air Show? I didn’t. Strange. (No, not really.)

So, how about watching it yourself (President Trump’s full speech at Mount Rushmore | USA TODAY):

BTW, the same applies to any other event. Have a look at what was actually said. It might … surprise you.

(And yeah, that cancel culture and SJW movement is a blight on Creativity.)

(And yeah (2), Trump is seen as very divisive. You probably have your own opinion. But seriously, make up your own mind. Don’t let anyone — not even (especially not) me — to tell you what is right. Democracy can only work if people think for themselves. It’s harder, but worth it.)