Stupid Software: Excel

“I’m okay with intelligent software, I’m okay with non-intelligent software. I have serious reservations about stupid software.”
Based on a quote by Dan Sheppard about buildings

There’s a reason why I warn my students against using Excel. But to automatically calculate the results of their exam — hey why not?

Well, because Excel decided to give my students a major point boost:

What you see is a cut from a table with a sum function in the “Statistik Teil” [Statistics Part] column (it contains rows already filled with points, but I’ve cut those, for obvious reasons). The specific cells just sums up the scores of the student on pages 2, 3, 4, and 5. But when you enter values and go beyond the defined area (here for example just entering “1’s” and reaching column “Seite 6”), Excel starts to expand that area (see video).


Either I accidentally activated some very strange functions, or Excel is the typical Microsoft product: It tries to act intelligently, but it fails doing so. And it trying to help you, it just causes errors and … not very pleasant experiences.

Stupid software.