Affinity Publisher is available

«Heaven has no rage,
like love to hatred turned,
Nor Hell a fury,
like a woman scorned.»
«The Mourning Bride» by William Congrave

I really did love Adobe InDesign. It was one of the best apps I’ve ever used. I did create some beautiful (in my mind) works with it.

But then, Adobe turned to shit.

From analyzing user documents per default to a really sucking subscription model, Adobe just ran InDesign into the ground.

Quite literally: It not only crashed, but took my whole operating system with it. Multiple times. On a Mac. Not many apps can do this. Most avoid it like hell.

So, I was happy to hear that Affinity planed to do a DTP app, and after a while in Public Beta, they have just released “Affinity Publisher“. First impression (keynote, public beta) is good. I already pre-ordered it, but it will take some time to take it for a drive (as usual, things are crazy right now).

But yeah, if you are looking for a DTP app, and dislike Adobe’s business practices, have a look at it. It might be something, esp. considering that Affinity actually improves its products.

Happy creating.

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  1. I’m exceptionally impressed. In its first release Publisher has almost caught up with where InDesign is after twenty years and you cannot beat the price. Two months rent on InDesign buys Publisher. StudioLink is light years ahead of anything Adobe is doing. You can use the tools of Photo and Designer from within Publisher, which means you’re seeing the graphic you’re editing in its intended context.

    Alas, for now my use will have to be limited. I often do scientific documents that must have endnotes. I also need ePub export, both reflowable and fixed layout. InDesign can do both. Publisher cannot at present. That said, I’ve begun to look into what leaving the Adobe eco-sytem would be like. Adobe’s subscription model offers too little for too much.

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