Yet another Bento Update

«This isn’t food. No one expects it to be food. If people wanted food they’d stay at home, isn’t that so? They come here for ambience. for the experience. This isn’t cookery, Bill. This is cuisine.»
«Hogfather» by Terry Pratchett

With all changes happening, it’s nice when something still works. I’ve done a couple of postings about Bento boxes, and they still work very well (for me). Canteen food just does not do it for me, and if the colleagues weren’t there, I’d just get a coffee and leave. But who needs a central place in which mass cooked food is served … when you can bring your own.

So here are a few photos of food:

Oh, and you don’t need a Bento box, Tupperware(TM) or the cheaper variant works as well:

Yup, does not take much, a couple of minutes in the morning (or evening) and that’s it.

Yum 🙂