Brands, Copyright, and Creating Stuff for Personal Use

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And a maniac is matchless for invention.”
Marquis de Sade in “Quills”

I just received an eMail that one of my orders at was canceled. Reason being that the images I used are under copyright. And yeah, the images I used for three stickers are copyrighted. No question about it. Just look at them:




Yeah, it uses images from “GTA V” and “Witcher 3”. They are copyrighted, no question about it. But I don’t intent to sell them, I just want them to put on my notebook (regarding the Zoltan quotes, one of them, not sure yet which).

And personally, I think it’s similar to doing a scrapbook — taking images, cutting them in size and putting them into a book or where ever else. And while it would be a problem if I were to sell them, it shouldn’t be a problem for personal use.

But not such luck.

Well, I’ll turn the images into stickers another way. If no other way works, I’ll simply have them printed on photo paper and add some double-faced adhesive tape. It will not be as nice as the Zazzle version, but it will work.

So, all this copyright and brand issue — yeah. I get that it has to be protected. But for personal use … it should be free. And as someone who really likes messing with stuff, I cannot help but be a little disappointed at Zazzle. But hey, they probably have legal reasons and need to cover their ass.

Still, all these reasons do is to add some inconvenience, where it isn’t necessary. 🙁


P.S.: Yup, really disappointed. You create something, combine elements to create something new, something you identify with — and then someone tells you: “Nope, won’t do it. Don’t approve of it. You’re wrong for having done this.” 🙁

P.P.S.: I get Zazzle. Or at least I think I do. They might be pining for the design(s) that is/are bought thousands or millions of times. The “I make something for me” person might not be their target customer. And that’s okay. But unless the “I make something for me” person feels supported and can trust that you execute his/her ideas, I seriously doubt that you get many “gold cows”. And even with legal restrictions … I wonder, couldn’t you make at least one or two versions available for the (mashup) creator, and at the same time warning him/her that it cannot become a commercial product? And yeah, I had a better impression, I actually expected more from you.


  1. What about printing from your computer to blank Avery sticker paper? I buy the name tag size and run it through the ink jet like printing a 4×6 photo.

  2. Yup, that would work as well, thank you. 🙂

    (I don’t have an ink jet, but printing it on photo paper in the shop and then applying the adhesive tape worked as well. It’s a bit thicker than a normal sticker, but the quality is fine.)

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