yEd — A free and powerful program to create diagrams like flowcharts

The weaker the math, the more elaborate the graphics need to be.

There are a lot of interesting programs to create diagrams or graphs. I tried out the trail version of OmniGraffle and it was a joy to work with. But also, quite expensive. A posting in the German Tool Blog and a comment there led me to yEd. Despite its rather unfortunate name, it looks impressive. And it works on Windows and Mac and it’s free.

Just have a look at their 90 second introduction:

I’m definitely going to try it out a bit further. And while I am not a fan of Java programs, it does look like a really useful tool.


  1. Its excellent. Not just for making diagrams directly, but also playing with and building graphs coming in from other analysis tools. Check out Gephi also. I many times do: data -> yEd -> Gephi.
    My two cents:
    For making mind maps: cMapTools (or Scapple – different use cases).
    For diagrams: LibreOffice.
    For data vis: yEd and Gephi.

  2. Nice. I mean, there’s Google Draw but it’s always nice to have some options 🙂

  3. Do have a look at our diagramming tool, Creately. Its web based and has real time collaboration. Plus you can draw it to use many diagram types. Its a commercial product but has a free version.

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