Recommendation: Caprica

“People leave more than footprints as they travel through life.”
Zoe Graystone in “Caprica”

I just finished watching “Caprica“. It was intended as a prequel series to “Battlestar Galactica“, but it can very well stand on its own. Easy accessible, it deals with some very interesting topics. Especially how humans deal with loss and the role of technology in our lives. And whether we can cheat death with technology, or create new life while we attempt to do so. Combine these themes with different religions (including extremists who make you want to vomit) and you got an incredible story.

Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after the first season, but still, even that one is worth watching. Giving the teaser at the end of the season, the next ones would probably have been of similar quality. But that was not to be. A series that died before it was over, before it’s story was told.

Perhaps the rest of the story will one day be told, either as fan-based series, or in books or comics. My guess is, it would be worthwhile. Until then, here’s a trailer to the first and only season:

Highly recommended.