Music for Mad Scientists and People Who Leave Academia

You are right on target when you say that mad scientists have a total disregard for the well-being of others. We don’t want to spread evil; we just see no point in bothering to spread good.
Richard M. Mathews

I have always considered Portal’s “Still Alive” the perfect theme song for science, but after listening to “Frozen“‘s “Let it Go”, that song fits pretty well, too. Not only for those who do science without the notion of right or wrong, but perhaps even better for those who leave Academia (if you ignore that she builds a tower, well, at least it’s for herself ;-)).

The original Disney version (Idina Menzel) is here:

A male cover by Caleb Hyles is here:

And a combination of both by Gabriel Kim here:

(ah, YouTube … don’t you just love the 21st century :-))

Someday I got to see that movie.


P.S.: If you want an example of how badly translations can screw the original meaning, check out the translations of this song. I found the French and Japanese version to hold … a different meaning. But then, I have to rely on the re-translation.