Short Update

‘Did you sleep well?’
‘No, I made a couple of mistakes.’
Steven Wright

It’s been a while since my last posting, mostly for these reasons:

  • I had a couple of very interesting and stimulating experiences. Among others I’ve seen “The Taming of the Shrew” as a ballet in Stuttgart (what did you think I meant? ;-)). Anyway, blew me away.
  • I finally watched “Breaking Bad” — and yup, it’s as good as “they” say it is. But it did cost me a couple of days. I also ordered a couple of other DVDs that also (did and do) cost time.
  • I started to replay “XCOM — Enemy Unknown”. After “Neverwinter Nights” probably the closest thing I have to an addiction that does not involve other people. Anyway, a few days gone.
  • I am still bothered by the misuse of surveys and statistics by many feminists, esp. because I still don’t know how to (re)act to/on it. On the one hand it violates and misuses science — and I think to act intelligently and be creative, you need correct information, a good understanding of reality. On the other hand — who really cares what a few idiots think or say. Well, I care, because these are loud idiots and they influence policy. And I rather have empirical data influence policy than a dogma that is even worse than communism. But I still don’t know whether I should invest my time and effort in that topic … and that does occupy me a little.
  • And finally — I needed a break. No work, no private projects. Just some time to … well, look in the mirror, find out what I see and what I like and what I need to change. Hmm, you could probably call it a private project …

This being said, the idea collection for the planned Science@OrganizingCreativity Wiki progresses nicely. I have a couple of ideas that might be … useful. We’ll see. I also have a couple of other ideas for postings and hopefully soon time to write them (one about “The Taming of the Shrew” will be among them).

So, we’ll see what I can do in 2014 — and what is useful to you. 🙂