Fun with Arranged/Guided Photoshootings

“I don’t see how an article of clothing can be indecent, Alec. A person, yes. Are you saying that I am indecent?”
Job: A Comedy of Justice” by Robert A. Heinlein

On Saturday was a guided/arranged photoshooting. It was the fifth time I participated in one (as a photographer). The organization was as good as ever and the model combined natural beauty with grace. Given that the organizer had the positions planned you could mostly concentrate on shooting and asking for little corrections or different poses (rarely needed).

Only think to remember was to take the lens cap off and limit the ISO values … yup, I actually shot the first photo with the lens cap on (I used both a lens cap and a lens hood with an additional cap). And after taking it off I got nearly completely white photos, because I was shooting with ISO up to 6400 and the camera did not recognize the flash and tried to compensate — took about 3 minutes to figure out and it was the organizer who pointed it out — I’ve never felt dumber this year ;-).

Anyway … it was a lot of fun, I can highly recommend these arranged/guided photo shootings.

Unfortunately, I cannot show the photos of yesterdays shooting here. They are NSFW, which — as some prior readers emphasized — would not be okay to show without warning. Personally, I have never understood why many people go apeshit when nudity is involved. Nudity is not sex, and even if it’s very sexy … so what? Hmm, I just don’t understand it.

But anyway, while I’m still editing the photos, I have already uploaded a few of them on my deviantART page. So look there for more. You need an account due to the mature settings (BTW, while you are on deviantART, I highly recommend visiting the “Sunstone” comic by Shiniez. Beautifully done — humorous, sexy, emotional, touching, sensual — well worth a look.).

Hmm, not really sure, but I think it is also possible to access the photos via RSS streams without an account — in that case, here are the feeds (all NSFW):

Anyway, whether they are your style or not (I’m still learning myself), I can highly recommend arranged/guided photoshootings. They might sound pricy, but consider the costs of the model, the studio equipment (flashes, backdrops), and the organizer him-/herself. And if they are done well you learn a lot and can have a lot of fun.

Hmmm, and perhaps I should invest in a studio of my own … 😉