Recommendation: The Last of Us Game Walkthrough

“Swear to me… swear to me that everything that you said about the Fireflies is true.”
“I swear.”
Ellie and Joel in “The Last of Us”

I have never understood why people speak disparagingly about computer games. Sure, it’s escapism, sure, it’s a waste of time of shifting bits and bytes, sure, it does not change anything of consequence in this world.

But damn, there are some good stories.

Stories probably aren’t the first thing people associate with games, but still, in computer games, you can really tell a story that you could not tell on the big screen.

The last example of this kind is “The Last of Us” … which is just … impressive. Good story telling, interesting characters — the works.

As playing games takes a lot of time and people on YouTube like to capture their games, the easiest way to watch the story is by looking at the cinematics, e.g., via IZUNIY’s walkthrough.

Highly recommended.