Normal service will be resumed shortly

The last update was a while ago, and I have some postings on scientific work that I am dying to write. Unfortunately, the last few weeks were a little stressful and time was in short supply. After a spike in trying out a lot of interesting Coursera courses, I have cut them down now to the ones I am interested in and (more importantly) only one or two at a time. Gamification, Securing Digital Democracy, and Statistics One are finished now, and I am probably doing a short break there before I continue with other courses. Still, beautiful learning opportunities, I can highly recommend the courses.

BTW, one nice side-effect of the gamification course was a link to a webseries discussing the power of games. Very well done — the people who do this series know what they are talking about and the way they present it … awesome. Here’s a sample of Extra Credits:

Extra Credits by James Portnow, Daniel Floyd, Allison Theus, and Elisa Scaldaferri