How not to commit suicide

“If you want to end your life, then end it. But you do not have to die to do so.”

Searching for material on doing a PhD thesis (yes, I finished mine, but I’m doing a presentation about it and I was looking for other perspectives — and boy, did I find information :-)), I stumbled upon the text “How not to commit suicide” by Art Kleiner [Update: No longer online.] (and I didn’t take a detour, it’s a related problem), describing what happens to the person when a suicide attempt fails.

As usual with this topic, not a nice read, but — well, it gives an interesting perspectives. The suicide notes are especially heartbreaking.

In short, instead of ‘ending it all’ you break through the rock bottom and start walking around (if you have brain function left) in an even deeper circle of hell. Indirectly a good argument for therapy and dealing with ones mood and problems.