Vanishing Mails

“I want you to write a letter.”
“What good does that do? Ender never answered a single letter I sent.”
Graff sighed. “He answered every letter he got.”
Ender’s Game

What would the world be without eMail? It’s almost instant communication that is nevertheless available whenever the person who receives it likes.

If it arrives.

Sometimes when something works so flawlessly and so quickly, you do not see that it might not work — and that you do not see that it does not work. I realized this when an interesting lady I had met online asked me why I did not write back anymore. It turned out that an eMail she had send did not arrive. Consequently, I thought that she would need more time to answer my last eMail (or did not want to answer anymore) and she thought I was no longer interested in a conversation.

Luckily she send another eMail. Strange how something that always works can only ‘work’ because you do not think that it can make a mistake.

P.S.: I tried to find out why the eMail did not arrive — so far no luck. It was not misclassified as spam … it simply vanished. Damn.