Using an iPod to assist in Painting


I can’t draw but last weekend I was in the mood to try it again. I bought some acrylic colors (blue, yellow, red, black and white), three brushes, and some paper. I tried copying a motif I liked and because I didn’t want to print it out, I transfered it to my iPod.

And that worked beautifully.

Having the motif on an iPod allows you to quickly switch between the whole image and parts of the image you want to enlarge to get a better look at them. And you can put the iPod flat on the drawing surface next to the point where you are drawing. I used Stanza and simply copied a PDF with the image via iTunes (Stanza can accept files this way, it’s on the Apps Tab). Simply using the Photo App would have worked as well.

The drawing is still … not good, but that’s because I cannot draw. Nevertheless, I had a nice evening. And given that my iPod can host hundreds or thousands of images as motif, I can easily do it again.

And I will.

Happy painting.