Memory Landmine with Background Image

After having planned my next three years in academia I had the problem to remember my roadmap and the goals I have set for myself. I could hang the roadmap as poster somewhere in my office (it’s pretty enough), but static images disappear from conscious attention quickly. I could move the poster around, but that would require me to remember to move it around. Does not work for me. What I needed was a way to see it infrequently, at random intervals.

Using an idea from the section about Landmines I exported the roadmap as .jpg and put it with 9 other images in my Desktop Background folder of Mac OS X. Setting the “Change picture” to “when waking from sleep” and activating “random order” I will see the roadmap on average every 10 times I wake my notebook from sleep.

Settings for using an image as a memory landmine

Given that the roadmap is to wild for a desktop background, I have to change the image (clicking on a different folder in “Change Desktop Background” and then back on the original folder), which forces me to have a look where I am and what I want to do next.

So far, it works pretty well … 🙂