The joy of making a collage

Just stumbled over an unoffical Train video — nicely shot and very motivating to ‘simply’ do a collage again.

I wonder whether a digital collage would be as fun — on the one hand, given that digital images are ubiquitous online, the available material base would be much, much larger (esp. via Google Image Search), on the other, you miss the fun of browsing through magazines until you stumble upon something that inspires you. And given that most self-made postcards at postsecret are done via a paper collage and not digital, I suppose the paper versions are rated as more creative than digital ones … of course, you could always print out the digital images and then do a paper collage … 😉

Note: When I did post this entry on 4th of December, 2009, the video was freely available on YouTube. Unfortunately, it is now no longer available in Germany. Depending on where you are, you will not be able to see it either. Sad, it was a really nice video, well done and I really liked it. As usual it can serve as a warning: if you like something online, make damn sure you get a copy of it before it’s gone …

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